Professional Office Installations



Office Installation and Repair Services

  • Service and repair calls
  • Cubicle Layout & Reconfiguration
  • Chair & Panel Cleaning
  • Project Management
  • Internal Office Moves
  • Wood Touch Up
  • Inventory Management

Service and repair calls - Need a Desk drawer fixed? Having a problem with your Cubicles' electrical outlets? Call us. Our Service Techs can get it fixed quickly.

Cubicle Layout & Reconfiguration - Is your Business growing or contracting? Is your current layout no longer meeting your changing needs? Call us. Our Team of Experienced Cal Tech Professionals can supply you with quick and efficient solutions with minimal disruption to your work place.

Chair & Panel Cleaning - Are your Cubicles starting to look a little embarrassing? Is your Chair starting to look a little too lived in? Call us. We use only the best Equipment and User Friendly Cleaning Solutions available to make your Office Panels & Chairs fresh and presentable. You will be amazed at how proper and regular cleaning will extend the life and usefulness of your Furniture.

Project Management - Need help? Call us. You can have one of our experienced Cal Tech Project Managers onsite to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Internal Office Moves - Need to switch some offices around? Call us. We can handle it with the care and speed you deserve.

Wood Touch Up - Has your Wood Furniture seen its better days? Call us. We can supply you with the proper Maintenance and Care that will have it looking great again.

Inventory Management - Not quite sure what Furniture and Cubicle parts you have on hand? Call us. We can give you an accurate picture of what you have, its uses and provide an inventory for your use.